Control quality of stents and heart frames to prevent escapes of life-threatening defects

Advantages of Automated Inspection

The advancements in stent and transcatheter heart valves (THV) have saved millions of lives across the world. The exacting tolerances required for these devices to perform require exacting metrology. ESI's stent and THV inspection systems enable measurement and defect detection with higher throughput and higher reliability than the human eye.

Stent Solutions

Sierra Dimensional has been the leader in automated stent metrology. Sierra Dimensional is easy to operate and supports all key measurements required in stent manufacturing. The vast majority of the world's stents are produced by Sierra Dimensional users.

Transcatheter Heart Valve Solutions

Sierra 5th-Axis accelerates THV measurement. We designed it specifically for THV and similar non-cylindrical components, and this focus resulted in the fastest, most accurate metrology solution.

As the recognized leader in measurement and defect detection of medical device components, our FDA-validated automated inspection systems provide the industry's highest throughput. Discover how you can incorporate automated inspection in your manufacturing process.