Affordable versatility in a CO2 laser solution for HDI via drilling. Leverage ESI’s laser expertise for PCB and substrate processing.

HDI PCB manufacturing capability has gone mainstream. See how in this ESI white paper!

Affordable versatility in CO2 laser via drilling for HDI applications.

nViantTM provides a CO2-based laser microvia drilling solution that offers a unique combination of high-quality via formation and high-accuracy, in a robust via drilling system that delivers high-volume laser processing throughput at a competitive price point. Maintain your PCB laser processing production throughput for HDI applications without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

The nViant via drilling system precisely drills blind (BHV) and through-hole vias (LTH) in coppercladded, glass woven reinforced materials (FR-4) at a typical range of 40 to 300µm, and enables pcb laser processing customers to Include rigid HDI processing as part of a broader portfolio of services and at a lower cost of ownership, while leveraging the experience of a laser systems provider that has a demonstrated history of applied laser expertise.


High-volume HDI processing without sacrificing quality

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • PCB Via Drilling
  • Substrate Processing
  • FR4
  • BT
  • ABF
  • PTFE


Optimized for cost-effective HDI processing at high throughput.

  • Laser Type: CO2
  • Peak Power: 3kW
  • Via Diameter Size: 40μm - 300μm
  • Laser Pulse Frequency: Up to 5kHz
  • Placement Accuracy: +/- 10μm
  • Scan Area: 50x50mm
  • Scan Frequency (per head): 3000 Points/Second, (500µm pitch)
  • Panel Size Range: 16”x 20” to 24”x32”
  • Panel Processing: Dual-Head Two-Panel Processing
  • X,Y Stage Position Repeatability: +/- 1μm


  • Processing: CDD/Large Window/Conformal Mask/LTH
  • Main Platform Dimensions: 2600mm(w) x 2700mm(d) x 2100mm(h)
  • Loader/Unloader Dimensions (per unit): 1790mm(w) x 1430mm(d) x 1630mm(h)
  • Weight (main system & L/UL): 8.5t
  • Power: 29kVA

As the recognized leader in flex PCB processing, ESI has decades of applied expertise in laser via drilling and production-oriented Flex PCB laser processing. Learn more about ESI’s portfolio of laser via drilling systems and see how you can incorporate flex PCB laser processing to help address flex PCB manufacturing challenges.

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