Enabling high yield and productivity for leading-edge flex circuit manufacturers processing the latest generation of flex materials.

State-of-the-art FPC laser drilling system in a low cost-of-ownership platform.

GemStone is a perfect match for leading-edge flex circuit manufacturers who want to process ultra-small blind and through vias on the latest generation of flex materials. GemStone™ can lower process costs and improve product quality and yield for these applications by coupling ESI’s latest Third Dynamics™ beam positioning technology with an ESI-designed short-pulse-width, high-pulse-rate, high-power fiber laser source.

In order to address potential quality and yield issues, GemStone’s high-power, high-pulse-rate laser with GemPulse™ technology enables fast material ablation, while our unique Third Dynamics™ three-level compound beam positioning system moves the beam quickly from one feature to the next. This enables fast tooling velocities that minimize heat affected zones (HAZ), which is especially important for applications involving copper laminates with a thickness of less than 12µ and features smaller than 75µ. ESI’s class-leading Precision Pulse™ digital power control also minimizes yield issues where especially sensitive materials are involved.

If you are looking reduce existing yield or processing costs for difficult applications or want to future-proof your flex processing line, consider Gemstone™.


The leader in Flex PCB laser via drilling.

  • Flex PCB Laser Processing
  • Rigid-Flex Laser Processing
  • Blind via drilling (BHV)
  • Through via drilling (THV)
  • Coverlay routing
  • Polyimide
  • Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP)
  • Adhesiveless copper-clad polyimide laminates
  • Copper-clad polyimide laminates with adhesive
  • Coverlay (Polyimide + Adhesive)


High performance Flex PCB UV drilling

  • Nanosecond UV fiber laser with GemPulse™ technology - 18W
  • Vacuum chuck - 533mm x 635mm (±20um accuracy)
  • Electrical and software interface for web and panel handler integration


A range of systems to meet a range of challenges.

  • Third Dynamics™ beam positioning
  • Precision Pulse™ digital power control
  • Automated vision system for alignment and scaling compensation
  • Easy-to-use Windows 7 interface
  • Multi-language operator user interface
  • Sophisticated process development functionality
  • Comprehensive logging and diagnostics functionality

As the recognized leader in flex PCB processing, ESI has decades of applied expertise in laser via drilling and production-oriented Flex PCB laser processing. Learn more about ESI’s portfolio of laser via drilling systems and see how you can incorporate flex PCB laser processing to help address flex PCB manufacturing challenges.

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