Laser technology and application expertise applied to production-oriented laser via drilling of flex PCB materials.

Precision flex laser processing with a light touch.

The Flex5335 shares technology and application advantages with the rest of the 5335 family of FPC laser processing systems. It differentiates itself by incorporating proven UV laser technology with the versatility of beam shaping technology to allow manufacturers to more precisely and efficiently process unclad organic materials.


Production-oriented laser processing for unclad flex materials.

  • Flex PCB Laser Processing
  • Coverlay routing
  • Solder-mask opening
  • Polyimide
  • Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP)
  • Coverlay (Polyimide + Adhesive)
  • Other unclad flex circuit materials
  • Solder mask


High productivity laser via drilling with a soft touch.

  • Nanosecond UV Nd:YAG - 8 W
  • Vacuum chuck - 533mm x 635mm (±20um accuracy)
  • Electrical and software interface for web and panel handler integration


Robust and capable.

  • ESI-patented compound beam positioning technology.
  • Precision Pulse™ digital power control.
  • Automated vision system for alignment and scaling compensation.
  • Easy-to-use Windows 7 interface.
  • Multi-language operator user interface.
  • Sophisticated process development functionality.
  • Comprehensive logging and diagnostics functionality.

As the recognized leader in flex PCB processing, ESI has decades of applied expertise in laser via drilling and production-oriented Flex PCB laser processing. Learn more about ESI’s portfolio of laser via drilling systems and see how you can incorporate flex PCB laser processing to help address flex PCB manufacturing challenges.

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