Sierra Dimensional

Meet your stent design tolerance with confidence

Fastest, most accurate measurement of coronary and endovascular stents

ESI partners with our customer's to provide the latest measurement technology to monitor their manufacturing process to ensure that they produce stents that fall within design tolerances. Sierra is explicitly designed to measure stents, and it does it faster and more accurately than any competitor. Sierra builds on 15+ years of stent measurement experience and is used by all significant stent manufacturers worldwide, both in R&D and high-volume production.


Get the scale, reliability, innovation, and price needed to meet next-generation production requirements

  • Stent R&D
  • Stent Manufacturing
  • Coronary stent measurement
  • Endovascular stent measurement
  • Stainless steel
  • Nitinol (nickel titanium)


Fast, reproducible measurement of stents with low cost per part

  • Coronary stents of any length, with diameters from 1.25-6 mm
  • Endovascular stents up to 200 mm in length, with diameters from 5-12 mm


Reduce operator overhead with pneumatic chuck.

  • Measure stents as long as 200 mm with the extended length option—recommended for endovascular users.
  • Increase throughput and accuracy with auto-opening chuck.

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