Harness the power of light for material characterization or micromachining with laser processing tools.

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Modular lasers configured for diverse processing applications.

Whether you're seeking tools to enable new cutting, marking, and engraving capabilities, exploring solutions for a new product design, or conducting interrogative or bulk analysis, there is a laser processing product to enable greater precision and accuracy at the micron level.

Laser Ablation

The NWR laser ablation platform is designed and developed with an emphasis of superior performance and benchmark analytical results, application flexibility, operating convenience and reliability.

  • New high resolution optical attenuation for the most accurate and precise energy selection.
  • Industry leading control software.
  • True Aperture image beam delivery for best possible crater profile.

Laser Micromachining

ESI’s adaptable laser micromachining platforms provides manufactures in aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical and soft goods the flexibility to customize laser engines, optics and sample handling configurations to deliver precise results across a wide variety of materials while delivering high yields.

  • Adaptable to a range of laser engines to accommodate different applications such as cutting, marking, drilling or engraving.
  • Compound beam movement control allows accuracy in placement resulting in high yields.
  • Platform accuracy, stage speed, stage repeatability and vision designed for precision and high throughput.
  • Rapid delivery for China contract manufacturing.

MicroMill Laser Ablation

MicroMill is a microsampling device designed for high resolution milling to recover sample powder for chemical and isotopic analysis. The combination of submicron stage resolution and positional accuracy, real-time video observation and a custom designed software system allows for sampling of complex accretionary structures in skeletal and crystalline materials.

  • Sub-micron sample motion control
  • High-precision milling
  • Sample height detection and tilt correction by a drill-tip sensor, contour-following function
  • Sample map navigation increases sample-area field-of-view

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