Optimize the InterconnectSM

Optimize the InterconnectSM is an MKS Instruments offering that provides printed circuit board (PCB) and advanced electronics packaging customers with a wide range of products and services for the interconnect creation of most advanced PCB and IC packaging designs. Services include PCB and advanced electronics packaging interconnect creation and evaluation services, access to the MKS Technology Centers for installation, set-up and troubleshooting services, application development services, application labs and support, design and development services, and maintenance, repair and calibration services.

This unique combination of MKS’ expertise in via drilling and routing, and chemical electroplating, provides opportunities for customers to accelerate their product roadmaps, solve the challenges associated with new materials and finer feature sizes, thereby creating the interconnection more effectively with higher quality output and faster time to market.

We provide a broad set of MKS’ technologies and capabilities—such as lasers, precision optics, motion control, beam measurement, via drilling systems and process chemistry—to deliver a unique solution for optimizing the manufacturing of PCB and advanced electronics packaging interconnects, a key part of the overall PCB and advanced electronics packaging manufacturing process.