ESI Flex PCB systems
future-proof your production line with
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Applications versatility with high productivity, high quality, high yields.

ESI takes great pride in our over 20 years of experience in the development of laser systems and applications for the flex circuit industry. Our portfolio of systems has been developed to enable all types of manufacturers to select the tool that is right for them.  

Whether your goal is to achieve the highest throughput, to enable the highest quality at a high-mix/low-volume PCB shop serving a broad range of military, medical, and prototype consumer electronics markets, or to just get the job done at a low entry price point for a flex PCB shop that is just getting started with laser processing, ESI’s flex portfolio excels at satisfying each of these unique needs with a low total cost of ownership.

With its comprehensive selection of laser options and exclusive beam positioning and power control technology, ESI’s laser systems portfolio enables a wide range of materials to be processed accurately and with high resolution. We work with you to understand your unique needs and help you succeed in winning orders and keeping your customers happy through excellent applications and service support.

Blind Via Drilling Applications

High yield and high throughput for blind vias, even on the thinnest flex laminates.

With over 20 years of experience in building systems and developing processes for these applications, ESI is the world leader in blind via drilling solutions for the FPCB industry.

When choosing ESI tools, you gain access to technology and techniques that make processing these notoriously-difficult applications easy. Take advantage of patented methods of processing blind vias, pioneered by ESI in the early days of flex PCB drilling. Develop efficient, high-quality and high-yield processes using ESI’s easy-to-use process development software. Use ESI’s pulse-level, real-time digital power control to ensure high quality and high yield – never damaging the bottom conductive layer.

ESI’s world-class applications engineering team will help optimize productivity, yield, accuracy, via circularity, etchback, bottom conductive layer damage, taper, and other factors to provide you with the best solution to your unique set of requirements.

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Through Via Drilling (THV) Applications

Precision through hole via drilling with proven ESI technology.

ESI’s flex drilling systems process quality through vias with high productivity and excellent cost of ownership. With its broad portfolio of systems, ESI offers unparalleled choice to find the best system for your needs.

Take advantage of ESI’s purpose-designed lasers to improve your process quality. Drill with ESI systems field-proven for accuracy, reliability, and speed at the world’s leading flex PCB manufacturers. Process through via holes as small as 20um with excellent roundness and taper in a variety of materials. Avoid heat-affected zone (HAZ), minimize carbonization, improve circularity, and increase productivity in small and large vias using ESI’s patented Third Dynamic™ beam positioning.

ESI has the technology and experience to help optimize your production line.


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Routing Applications

Precision routing with ESI's proven UV laser technology.

Choose from the ESI flex processing system portfolio to optimize around your routing requirements. Various laser options and levels of system capabilities allow you to find the right balance between cost and quality.

With increasing flex circuit design complexity, shrinking circuit sizes, and increasing pace of development, many PCB processors are shifting from mechanical routing and punching processes to laser routing processes. Not only do laser processes allow for more intricate patterns to be processed, but also do so with zero mechanical stress and high accuracy.

Rout materials ranging from coverlay, flex circuits, and even thin (<500um) glass-reinforced circuits with minimal carbonization and high productivity.

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Patterning Applications

High definition and depth control for production processes

Patterning is a generic term that – for laser processing – can be defined as the bulk removal of one or more layers of material in a given pattern.

ESI’s laser processing tools have been used for a wide set of patterning applications including:

  • Removing top copper off of FR-4 boards prior to cleaning the dielectric with a CO2 laser tool
  • Removing coverlay or Kapton/polyimide off of capture pads
  • Marking 2D barcodes and identification text onto panels for tracking purposes
  • Exposing internal-layer registration fiducials by removing top layers of multi-layer boards
  • Scribing fine patterns in conductive layers

ESI’s laser processing systems enable an unparalleled level of accuracy, crisp resolution, quality and yield at high productivity.

Proprietary beam positioning and beam shaping technology allow high-resolution features to be processed at high throughput. High repetition rate lasers focused to small spot sizes further benefit productivity and razor-sharp feature definition. ESI’s unparalleled power control technologies avoid bottom layer damage. Precision-engineered systems with robust automated alignment mechanisms enable excellent dimensional accuracies and feature registration.

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For industries facing material transformation challenges in production,  we apply unique process and engineering expertise to deliver a set of laser-based solutions that extend our customers’ processing capabilities beyond the limitations of mechanical.

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