Transform many types of materials faster, with better precision and more cost efficiently than ever before.

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Harness laser applications to transform materials in new ways and stay one step ahead.

Whether you're a manufacturer looking to deliver components to your customers faster, or a scientist seeking a breakthrough analysis, ESI has laser applications to advance your capabilities beyond what has yet been imagined. Enable the innovation and quality your customers demand through cost effective laser applications.


ESI’s precise, high-throughput laser ablation solutions provide higher quality samples to shed light on important research discoveries and help you achieve meaningful results. ESI can help you get better and faster time to result analysis for your customers.

Go beyond the limits of traditional analysis:

  • Innovation in beam delivery technology - IVA and XYR configurations.
  • Innovation in ablation cell technology - TrueLine and TwoVol2.
  • Innovation in energy control and input - High resolution optical attenuation and direct fluence input.
  • Innovation in ICP-MS integration - ActiveView plug-ins for ICP-MS Software


Cut intricate designs without damaging components next to the cutting area. Cut complicated curvilinear assembled PCB boards for hearing aids to delicate fabrics for stretchable athletic wear. ESI can help you build what’s next for your customers.

Go beyond the limits of mechanical:

  • Less debris.
  • Produce less heat affected zone.
  • Eliminate carbonization.


Building today's smaller, more densely packed consumer electronics and medical devices with mechanical cutting systems is no longer feasible. To help improve manufacturing throughput and device performance, the trend toward miniaturization is driving printed circuit designers and manufacturers to place multiple devices on larger panels. Before these devices can be used they must be first cut out of the larger panels, or “depaneled.” ESI laser cutting machines enable a cost-effective, non-contact depaneling method that can:

  • Achieve faster production and delivery times
  • Reduce thermal stress and avoid burning
  • Eliminate downtime from calibration
  • Sustain a debris-free work surface through the entire production run


Drill holes at the sub micron level on nearly any material. Holes so small that perspiration could escape the fabric but rain would not penetrate the outer shell. ESI can help you build what's next for your customers.

Go beyond the limitations of mechanical:

  • Microperf in any pattern without changing tools.
  • Drill consistently precise holes at high yields without replacing drill bits.
  • Build a flexible product mix for drilling with one system.


Engrave in controlled widths down to the sub micron level for the smallest of feature sizes. Engraving that can create a thermo barrier for high engine parts or scribing down ceramic for the most complicated IC packaging. ESI can help you build what’s next for your customers.

Go beyond the limits of mechanical:

  • No change to the flucture of the material.


Mark in precise small areas on nearly any material. Marks that can uniquely identify brands on the smallest of wearables to safely marking a unique identifier on pacemakers. ESI can help you build what’s next for your customers.

Go beyond the limits of mechanical:

  • Sterile marks on stainless steel.
  • Transforming material colors.
  • Marks that do not wear off.

Subsurface Marking

ESI’s unique engineering invented the subsurface marking application. Marks that leave no texture above the surface on consumer electronic devices from plastic to titanium. ESI can help you build what’s next for your customers.

Go beyond the limits of mechanical:

  • Increase yields with less heat affected zone.
  • Consistently precise location.
  • Permanent.

Let us show you how laser processing transforms materials beyond the limits of traditional tools to maximize your results.

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