The 5335: History of a revolutionary product.

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Technology and Markets
ESI's 5XXX Platform
First Personal Digital Assistants
5000 introduced  >

First UV flex processing system, available with roll handling and arc-pump laser, XY stage beam positioning with productivity of one via per second

Nintendo 64 Introduced
5100 introduced  >

Introduced patented beam positioning technology with coordinated motion of stage and galvanometer for highest productivity

First DVD Players
5200 introduced  >

Integrated first DPSS laser, evolved from arc lamp predecessors, for significantly higher reliability

First HD TVs, First MP3 Player
First Bluetooth-Enabled Products are Launched
5300 introduced  >

Improved reliability and flexibility through innovative optics design

High-Speed Next-Generation Cell Phone Networks
First Digital Cameras on Cell Phones
Imaged beam pioneered  >

Released "top hat" imaged beam configuration with variable spot size for best performance in unclad materials

First Blu-Ray Players
5330 introduced  >

First Flex system with hundreds of units sold. Improved productivity and flexibility through increased laser power and improved beam positioning

HD Radio
Digital galvanometers integrated
Digital galvanometers integrated  >

Incorporated digital galvo technology into the 5330 for increased throughput and accuracy

Large Flex Shops Open Production
First iPhone
First Tablets, First Samsung Phone
1080P Plasma TVs
5330xi introduced  >

Integrated improved laser power and beam positioning for higher throughput, integrating the same laser as the 5335 would eventually leverage.

100 Million iPhones Sold, Android Tablets Launch
Connected TVs and Smart Appliances
5335 Introduced  >

General purpose production-oriented flex circuit via drilling system evolved from 5330xi, with improved productivity and precision through Third Dynamics™ beam positioning.

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Digital Cameras with 4K Video Recording
First Generation Apple Watch
First IOT Devices
Redstone introduced  >

Entry-level flex circuit via routing and drilling system.

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First 5G Phones
First OLED iPhone
Capstone introduced  >

Revolutionary flex circuit via drilling system with 2X productivity and improved process and system robustness

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Driver-Assisted Technology Becomes Mainstream
5G Phones Go Mainstream

Find out why the ESI family of laser processing systems leads the market in Flex PCB.

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 It’s no coincidence that the world’s top flexible circuit manufacturers trust ESI with their production. Our market leadership in via drilling is driven by a focus on providing quality, reliability and low cost-of-ownership that extends across the entire via drilling systems portfolio. Regardless of the application; from the most simple coverlay cutting to advanced microvia drilling for HDI processing, ESI is the clear industry choice.

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