SMT 35xx

Basic Maintenance and Introduction to Applications (3500 & 3550)


The course includes instruction and exercises in Model 35xx performance testing, electrical calibration, mechanical alignments, problem isolation, defective module replacement and periodic maintenance procedures. The introduction to applications covers system software overview, and setup of the system for a production environment.


5 Days


Maintenance personnel.
Users responsible for device setup and optimization.
Users who wish to review their existing maintenance knowledge, and setup optimization techniques.


Familiarity with your Model 35xx intended application.
Familiarity with the products to be processed on the system.
Technical knowledge of analog and digital electronics and operation of electronic test equipment.
General knowledge of micro or minicomputers and peripheral devices.



  • A fully functional model 35xx system
  • The Model 35xx manual set including SAT (System Acceptance Test)

Perform preventive maintenance as documented to maintain system performance.
Use System Diagnostic Software to adjust and troubleshoot the system.
Use System Setup Software to teach product for Production mode.


  • System must meet published calibration and verification standards as written in the 35xx SAT.


Day 1: Lecture and Lab / Demonstration

  • System Overview (layout and operation)
  • Basic Testing and chip Handling processes
  • Proper Power up and Shutdown of the system
  • Tooling installation
  • GUI Introduction

Day 2: Lecture and Lab / Demonstration

  • Part file construction
  • Parameter adjustments
  • Capacitance measurement
  • Flash measurement
  • Leakage measurement

Day 3: Lecture and Lab / Demonstration

  • Part file loading
  • Change over for new part size
  • Results, Reports, and printing
  • Common Operator problems
  • Fine tuning of contacts

Day 4: Lecture and Lab / Demonstration

  • Verification of proper system operation(SAT)
  • Mechanical Alignments
  • Drive system
  • Electrical/Firmware
  • 616 Calibration
  • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Day 5: Lecture and Lab / Demonstration

  • Software Administration
  • ini file
  • Saving files and screens
  • Class Q and A

Course Cost