Polaris-300 Flat Panel Display Repair System

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Polaris-300 facilitates fast throughput with selectable repetition rates from single shot to 100-Hz continuous. The diode-pumped laser architecture allows for superior shot-to-shot stability and beam uniformity for repair of micron-level feature sizes.

  • The flat-top beam profile enables maximum beam utilization and uniform cutting and welding.

  • Multiple user-selectable wavelengths (1064, 532, 355 and 266 nm) and motorized optical attenuators provide the ability to cut a variety of materials and selectively remove certain materials while leaving others unaffected.

  • The diode-pumped laser does not have any consumables and is designed to run in a 24x7 continuous operation.

  • The air-cooled laser head further simplifies system design without the need for cooling water.

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