PyroFlex™ Application on ZnO on Glass (Solar P1)

Manufacturers of Thin Film solar cells often rely on three Scribing processes called P1, P2, and P3, to increase the operating voltage of the cells to useful values. These three scribes are critical to the overall efficiency of the cells, and their yield in manufacture is an important factor in determining their cost. In many thin film manufacturing processes, laser scribing has become the preferred method, but is not without its challenges. For many thin-film Silicon solar cells, ZnO is being considered as the front-side transparent conductor in preference to the industry-standard SnO. The P1 scribe is used to remove a channel of this ZnO down to the underlying glass. This process has to be accomplished without any cracking of the glass or of the edges of the ZnO film.

PyroPhotonics has demonstrated effective, high-quality laser scribing of ZnO on Glass using our programmable PyroFlex™-25 flexible pulsed laser. Using a specially shaped pulse, our patent-pending process produces clean scribes with no damage to the ZnO film at the scribe edge, and no residual cracking in the Glass.

ZnO on Glass (Solar P1)
  • Ablation of ZnO on Glass
  • No damage to glass
  • Shaped pulses 10’s of ns

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Patent Pending