Delivering full-scale manufacturing solutions

As a leading supplier of innovative laser-based manufacturing solutions for the microtechnology industry, we take pride in anticipating and solving our customers’ manufacturing challenges. We strive to outperform industry expectations and to deliver full-scale solutions, not just products.

These solutions are the result of our expertise with laser-material interaction, laser beam positioning, optics and illumination, vision algorithms, automation and micro-handling and systems engineering. Our extensive knowledge in these key areas culminates in our world-class solutions.

ESI’s interconnect and microfabrication products provide the speed and accuracy to enable precision fine-tuning of nano-scale device features on a variety of materials and substrates in high-volume manufacturing environments. The company’s market-leading UV laser drills utilize the breadth of the company’s core competencies, from systems engineering to materials processing, to enable the highest precision in the industry.
Semiconductor manufacturers demand the highest product yields in order to maximize the return on their sizeable investments in new chip designs. ESI’s semiconductor products help to achieve optimal industry yields, providing the greatest economic benefit to its customers. Backed by a strong IP portfolio, ESI holds the leading market position in each of the industry segments that its semiconductor products address.
Miniature multi-layer ceramic passive (MLCP) components are used in volume in nearly all types of electronic circuitry. ESI offers automated test, termination, high-speed handling and visual inspection equipment with the high throughput and reliability needed to enable cost-effective manufacturing of MLCPs and other components, such as arrays, inductors and varistors.
Eolite Lasers combines the laser activities in ESI's Portfolio of laser products which includes:
  • Eolite Systems

  • PyroPhotonics

  • New Wave Research

Laser Ablation: Harnessing the power of light for material characterization.
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