Shaping the future of technology around the globe.

From the Pacific Northwest to the Pacific Rim, ESI shapes the future of technology while working with diverse people around the world. Our world headquarters are located in Portland, Oregon, USA. Find out what ESI is doing around the globe.


ESI World Headquarters: Portland, Oregon

ESI is one of the original pioneering companies in the technology-driven area known as the Silicon Forest in Portland, Oregon, USA. At its headquarters, the company develops prototype research and development product design. The corporate office in Portland houses world-class engineering talent, cutting-edge technology, and a sophisticated technology infrastructure that includes clean room ranging from class 10,000 up to class 100. Core engineering competencies of laser and optics, precision motion control, electrical component testing and small parts handling are all brought together in prototype system development at this facility. Additionally, Portland is the primary manufacturing location for semiconductor equipment. Being the home to core operations such as Quality Control, Customer Support, Advanced Manufacturing, Finance, IT and Human Resources, the Portland facility is recognized as a great partner to its community, customers and suppliers both locally and abroad.


ESI Klamath Falls, Oregon

ESI's Klamath Falls location manufactures consumable tooling used in the manufacturing process of termination of multilayer ceramic capacitors. The products that these capacitors are used in are endless, and they can be found in items such as cell phones, game toys, automobiles and computers. ESI has a global customer base with manufacturers using the company's tooling for commodity products and in very specialized applications. ESI partners with its customers to develop improved tooling to meet their needs and applications, making it one of the top producers of this type of consumable tooling in the world.


ESI Fremont, California

ESI's Fremont facility comprises a world-class laser design and a laser-based systems manufacturing center in the heart of Silicon Valley. This facility is home to ESI's New Wave Research Division, a multi-discipline operation consisting of marketing, sales, systems and design engineering, customer support, and manufacturing. New Wave Research, Inc. was acquired by ESI in 2007 to expand the company's global footprint and enter into new growing markets. This division operates with a global infrastructure in market segments such as LED scribing, flat panel display repair, geological sampling, forensic testing & other scientific applications.


ESI Bozeman, Montana

ESI’s Bozeman office is comprised of a broad-range of multi-disciplined, experienced engineers. This team provides research and development and complete systems design support. Furthermore, the Bozeman group collaborates with customers to design custom optomechanical, laser-based systems for the electronics, industrial and scientific communities.